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Corporate social responsibility

Involved, social & environmentally conscious

Engagement is very important within Calco's corporate culture. This involvement means that our company attaches importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Calco focuses on creating value in economic (profit), ecological (planet) and social (people) areas. This is anchored in the business processes and Calco is therefore constantly looking for ways to implement its social responsibility.

CSR & Calco

Calco devotes the utmost care to being a good employer. For example, there is an active policy to reduce absenteeism, labour turnover is low and a lot of attention is paid to the (development of) the personal and professional skills of our employees. This development focuses not only on our own employees, but outwards as well. Calco has also contributed to the JINC learning programme, an organisation that helps young people from disadvantaged areas get a good start on the labour market. Calco has offered an application training, whereby VMBO's got the job of learning through role-playing. In addition, Calco works with CodeUur.

Calco is also active on an ecological basis. The environmental policy is guaranteed in the quality system and aims at sustainable purchasing policies and reducing our CO2 footprint. Our fleet is becoming greener and at its headquarters, Calco offers bicycles as an alternative to cars. The use of public transport is also actively stimulated.