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No study background in IT, but aspirations to start a career in this field? It's possible at Calco!

Yes, that’s right. Even without an IT study background or IT work experience, you have the opportunity to start a career in what is currently the most innovative business sector. We believe that all your previous experiences will contribute to your future IT career. You get paid from day 1 and you receive a fixed contract. Curious about the possibilities of the Calco IT traineeship? We are happy to tell you more.

About the traineeship

In about 2 years' time, you get the chance to learn about and grow in the field of IT. During the first 2 months of your Calco traineeship journey you receive training in our internal training center in Amsterdam. We will teach you the most important IT basics. Next to these hard skills, you will also be coached in the further development of your soft skills at Calco. Is the training period over? Then you'll continue your training on-the-job at a top 200 company in the Netherlands. During this period, your personal coach (field manager) will visit you on a monthly basis so you can ask questions and – with their help - develop yourself further and realize your ambitions.

IT directions
  • Automation

    You will learn how to understand how several automating processes interact with applications. Also you will learn the language PowerShell.

  • Business IT

    You control and support IT processes and projects, and become the link between IT and business. Certificates that you can obtain include ITIL Foundation and Scrum.

  • Data

    You focus on managing, designing, and processing data sets and data storage. You will learn how to work with SQL, Power BI, and you will obtain in-depth knowledge of Excel.

  • Development

    You will be building and customizing applications. You learn programming, for example in languages such as Java, Python or C#. You will also learn to work according to the Scrum method (Agile framework).

  • Infrastructure

    This involves setting up or modifying an IT infrastructure to support IT services. You can obtain ITIL and Azure Fundamentals certificates.

  • Operations

    If you choose operations, you will learn how to support and improve IT services. Also Management and ITIL Foundation or ASL2 will be part of your training.

  • Risk & Security

    You keep the IT landscape safe for users and keep hackers out. You can obtain the Cyber and IT Security Foundation certificate and the ISMS certificate.

  • Testing

    You examine, monitor and test functionalities in IT applications. You gain knowledge of multiple scripting languages and you can obtain the TMAP Suite Test Engineer certificate.

Your profile
  • You have a Bachelor's or a Master's degree. Your study background doesn't matter 
  • You want to develop yourself in IT
  • You have a good command of the English language
  • You can keep your head cool under pressure and enjoy working independently as well as in groups
  • In possession of a work permit, included "Arbeid vrij toegestaan".
  • You are prepared to travel and in some cases prepared to move for work
We offer you
  • The opportunity to find out which direction within IT is right for you
  • A salary from day one, from deployment around €2500 gross per month
  • A permanent contract from Calco
  • Personal guidance in your development by your own field manager (coach)
  • The opportunity to work and learn at a top corporate company in the Netherlands
  • Various training possibilities at Calco
  • A mileage allowance of €0,19 per kilometer or a public transportation fee during your training period. Are you going to work at one of our clients? You will then receive an NS Business card which you may also use privately and on weekends

The program
  • Crash Course (week 1-2)

    The first two weeks will be dominated by the Crash Course, during which you will learn the basics of IT. You'll be introduced to a variety of IT topics to get a general overview of the technical side (hard skills) e.g. programming, learning about infrastructure and working with databases, and analysing and leading processes. You'll also get started with obtaining Scrum and SQL certificates and get the opportunity to develop your knowledge on Azure Cloud and get your certificate.

  • Deep Dives (week 3-8)

    After you have mastered the IT basics, you will further specialize your knowledge during several Deep Dives. Don't worry, we'll support you choosing the right direction together. We will find what best fits your qualities, learning points, wishes and ambitions. Are you going to focus on management, data analysis or application development? Do you want to be a key player in the communication and management of projects on the cutting edge of IT and business? Do you want to focus on online security? Or do you want to code? The possibilities are endless in these directions, so we're confident we can find a role that fits you perfectly. Curious about the different possibilities? Check directions in IT above.

  • Match

    During the training period we will get to know you well, which enables us to make the best match between you and a client. We look at a suitable role for you, but we also think it is important that there must be a fit between you and a client's corporate culture.

  • Secondment period

    You start your secondment period with the client. During this period, that will take about two years, your personal coach (fieldmanager) will visit you every month. Together you discuss your progress and talk about issues you encounter and how to solve them. Futhermore you talk about which training options are beneficial to your work (hard and soft skills) and how to follow these courses. Calco also organizes several events a year, so you can see your Calco colleagues and the trainees who were in your class.

  • Transition to the client

    After about 2 years, almost 90% of Calco trainees makes the switch to the client. However, this remains your own choice!

The application process

Yes! You have decided to apply with us! Good choice, you won’t regret it. But how does the application process work? We'll be happy to talk you through, so you will know what to expect.

The classes are full for now! The first opportunity to start the traineeship is on the 1st of August.

Read our tips for the perfect application
Do you have the right resume? This is how to make a good first impression:
  • Make sure your CV is one or two pages long, it should be clear, concise, complete, and up-to-date with current employment and educational information.
  • Did you take a gap year? Did you start a study but haven’t finished it yet? Let us know rather than leaving gaps on your cv.
  • Make it personal. What are your qualities? What makes you unique? - Please add a professional picture.
This is how to impress us with your motivational letter:
  • Keep it short and strong. Around 200 to 400 words is more than enough.
  • Applying to one of our traineeships? Tell us why you want to make the switch to IT or Finance.
  • Don’t use the traditional phrases. Be honest and personal!
  • 1. Apply

    You will hear from us within 3 working days.

  • 2. Analytical test
    Analytical test

    Passed the test? Super! We would like to invite you to our assessment day.

  • 3. Preperation assessment day
    Preperation assessment day

    To prepare yourself for the assessment day, you take a personality test and do a tech challenge. Don’t worry, nothing depends on the outcome.

  • 4. Assessment day
    Assessment day

    We would like to meet you and get to know you better.

  • 5. Employment contract
    Employment contract

    Was your interview a success? Then you receive an offer and an employment contract the same day.

Visit an event

Do you want to get a sneak peak of the Calco culture, ask your questions and possibly meet your future colleagues? We organize monthly events which give you the opportunity to get to know Calco. For example: come and visit us at an Inhouse Day. Not enough free time? Follow one of our webinars from home. Read more about our events and sign up quickly!
Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the IT traineeship? Do not hesitate to contact us. Call us, send an email or send a message via WhatsApp. Whichever you prefer!