With IT for more efficiency and effectiveness

Increasingly demanding consumers want more from transportation and logistics. An example of this is the rise of online shopping, which has made the delivery of parcel mail much more important. Items that have only recently been ordered must now be delivered. Consumers want more service for less money.

IT challenges in the transport and logistics sector

Increasing competition and market demand mean that companies need to take a leap forward in efficiency and make shrinking budgets more effective. This calls for an adjustment of business processes related to transport and logistics. IT, of course, is of huge importance in this progression.

Companies need to work more efficiently and effectively with lower budgets

Calco assists you in thinking about new solutions to make your IT processes as efficient as possible. We have young and experienced people who not only have the theoretical knowledge, but also know exactly how to implement it in today’s market-driven society. As a result, they are aware of today's customer transport and logistics needs, and can apply them to your IT landscape.