Calco MasterClass®

High potentials that make a difference.

Do you work in an area where specialist IT knowledge is required? Are there too many external employees in your department? Are you looking for a way to secure the knowledge of your IT department? Do you need young recruits and a fresh perspective? Then Calco’s MasterClass® might just be the solution. 

What is the Calco MasterClass?

With the Calco MasterClass®, Calco has been providing High Potentials for quite some time: from tester to business analyst, and from project leader to developer. The MasterClass is a unique traineeship with a duration of two years. From day one, our trainees follow an intensive two-month development programme. Afterwards, they can boast a solid IT basis for a professional start.

The Calco MasterClass® will provide you with high potentials that are analytically strong, communicative and invariably equipped with a Let's-Get-It-Done mentality.

As our MasterClass Professionals generally lack an IT study background, they can look at your IT challenges with an open mind, but above all offer an authentic and original take on any outstanding issue. They are able to look at your business with a unique perspective and take nothing for granted. Our strict selection procedure also ensures that all of our MasterClass Professionals are analytically strong, communicative, skilled and extremely driven.

The first two months

The start of the training consists of a 2 week IT Crash Course, which focuses on personal skills and IT knowledge. The following topics are covered:

  • Project management
  • Information analysis
  • Functional design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Managing

Following these two weeks there is a two-week bootcamp IT architecture. The last month consists of a Deep Dive in which the MasterClass Professional will follow a specialisation programme. The Deep Dive can be tailored to your specific requirements.

A large part of the training is based on Scrum. The MasterClass Professionals will follow an Agile workshop and put their knowledge to the test. During the training period, everyone is certified as Professional Scrum Master I in addition to their individual specialisation.

Working with a MasterClass Professional gives you security and flexibility, and during the traineeship Calco will provide workshops and continuous training. Also curious about working with the Calco MasterClass? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our account managers.