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Analytical test

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Congratulations, you are going to take Calco's analytical test! Exciting - what can you expect? A little bit of preparation goes a long way! In any case, your motivation and CV were so good that you were invited to take the test. So keep calm and carry on.

We believe that the test is a key element in our selection process, as we have designed it so that we can see from the results whether your analytical skills are suited to a career in IT or Finance. The test has already been taken by many potential trainees, so we are happy to share some learnings with you. By applying these, you significantly increase your success rate.

Here are some tips:

1. Prepare thoroughly

We test for three components: number sequences, figure sequences and editorial sums. Look up enough information about this in advance and read up. That way you know what to expect and there are no surprises.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

By practicing, you will discover the logic behind the different types of questions and you will notice that you can answer the questions quicker all the time. That’s convenient, because the test has a time limit. Therefore, it is also wise to practice with a timer to experience the time pressure. You only have one chance to take the test. So of course you want to make the most of that one opportunity. You can practice questions by section online. Visit www.ixly.com/oefentesten or www.123test.com.

3. Oof, a difficult question

Oh dear, you don't immediately know the answer during the test? Write down the number of the question and skip it. If you have time to spare later, you can always go back. If you don't have any time left, then there's no problem. Points are deducted for an incorrectly answered question, but you don't lose any points if you skip a question.

4. Start the test

Good, you're ready! You have prepared and practiced all sections thoroughly.

Make sure that during the test, there are no distractions around you (phone off, note on the door), your laptop is fully charged (or better: plugged into the socket), you have a loose mouse and pen, paper and calculator at hand. You can't pause the test, so go to the bathroom beforehand. Once you start the test, you have to finish it.

Good luck and 'You can do IT'!


You. finished. the. test. The adrenaline is still pumping through your veins, but you have crossed the finish line! What now? On the next working day, you will hear from us how you did on the test and whether you can go on to the assessment day at our Amsterdam office.