We are proud of our trainees.

We select young talent with IT ambitions based on their personality, talents and potential. After a challenging assessment process and an intensive training period, we know exactly what makes each candidate unique. They have the right skills to make a real difference within your team.

No educational background in IT

That might sound odd, but it is exactly what makes us unique. Our young professionals make a conscious choice to switch to the IT sector and therefore have an enormous drive to prove themselves. Precisely because their educational background is different from that of the average IT expert, they have a unique outlook on processes. This refreshing perspective leads to innovation and change in our clients’ organisations.

What characterises Calco’s young professionals?

Despite the fact that every Calco professional is unique, they also have something in common! Our trainees are not only analytical, but also constructively critical, curious, eager to learn, flexible and in possession of excellent communication skills. This means they have a lot to offer the IT sector – today and in the future.

Making a difference from day one

Because we make matches based on personality and specific skills, our trainees will be an asset to your team from day one. Simply through what they bring with them as a person. They will quickly learn the ropes of the trade and we teach them to make their own decisions about their development and career. This is how we safeguard your long-term ambitions.

Curious about our Young Professionals?

Curious to learn more about our Young Professionals?

Calco MasterClass

Are you looking for young IT talent? We have the perfect candidate for any project. We will proactively assess your challenges and offer a tailor-made programme.

Our approach

We recruit, select and match our IT trainees based on their personality, analytical skills and potential. Would you like to know more about how we do this?

Detavast system

We use a so-called detavast system. This means we strive for employment after the traineeship and you invest in the future of your department.

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