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IT | Randstad | 40 Hours
No study background in IT, but aspirations to start a career in this field? It's possible at Calco! Yes, that’s right! Even without an IT study or career background, you can start a career in what is currently the most innovative business sector. We believe that all your previous experiences will contribute to your future IT career. You get paid from day 1 and you will get a fixed contract! Curious about the possibilities of the Calco IT traineeship? We're happy to tell you more!


  • The opportunity to find out which directions within IT is right for you;
  • The opportunity to obtain certificates;
  • Various training possibilities of Calco;
  • Personal guidance in your development by your own field manager (coach);
  • Learning-on-the-job at a top 200 company in the Netherlands.

Job description

In about 2 years' time, you get the chance to learn about and grow in the field of IT. The first 2 months of your Calco traineeship journey starts with getting trained in our internal training centre in Amsterdam. During the first 2 weeks, we'll teach you the most important IT basics. Next to these hard skills, you will also be coached in the further development of your soft skills at Calco. Like public speaking, effective communication and group dynamics. The second phase of the educational program is all about our so-called Deep Dives. Based on your qualities, skills, and wishes, a specialisation course will be assigned to you related to subjects you have experienced during the crash course.
Your duties
After two months, you have filled your backpack with a variety of IT skills and tools necessary to succeed in the business. We value making the right match between you and our partners. This match is predominantly based on who you are as a person instead of what your resume says. We believe that a sense of belonging and shared values is more important than a relationship solely based on academic knowledge. You start your secondment period with the client. During this period, that will take about two years, you will be able to continue to develop yourself on-the-job. Calco will connect you with a field manager who will coach you and offer help whenever necessary. Additionally, Calco will also provide unlimited courses so your development will not stop here. After about 2 years, almost 90% of Calco trainees makes the switch to the client. However, this remains your own choice!
Job requirements
We are looking for enthusiastic proactive starters who have excellent communication skills and strive to learn. Additionally, our requirements are:
  • You have a Bachelor's or a Master's degree. Your study background doesn't matter
  • You want to develop yourself in IT;
  • You have a good command of the English language;
  • You can keep your head cool in busy periods and enjoy working independently as well as in groups;
  • In possession of a work permit;
  • You are prepared to travel and, in some cases, prepared to move for work.

The pro’s and con’s of this job

  • A traineeship during which you will get paid from day 1, from deployment around €2500 gross per month
  • A fixed contract from Calco;
  • The opportunity to work and learn at a top corporate company in the Netherlands;
  • A mileage allowance of €0,19 per kilometre or a public transportation fee during your training period. Are you going to work at one of our clients? You will then receive an NS Business Card which you may also use privately and on weekends.


Read our tips for the perfect application
Do you have the right resume? This is how to make a good first impression:
  • Make sure your CV is one or two pages long, it should be clear, concise, complete, and up-to-date with current employment and educational information.
  • Did you take a gap year? Did you start a study but haven’t finished it yet? Let us know rather than leaving gaps on your cv.
  • Make it personal. What are your qualities? What makes you unique? - Please add a professional picture.
This is how to impress us with your motivational letter:
  • Keep it short and strong. Around 200 to 400 words is more than enough.
  • Applying to one of our traineeships? Tell us why you want to make the switch to IT or Finance.
  • Don’t use the traditional phrases. Be honest and personal!
  • 1. Send your resume and cover letter
    Send your resume and cover letter

    You will hear from us within three working days

  • 2. Analytical test
    Analytical test

    Passed our test? Super! We will invite you for an introduction

  • 3. Introduction

    During the introduction we will get to know each other and tell you everything about the function.  

  • 4. Second meeting
    Second meeting

    In our second meeting, we will focus on your comptencies

  • 5. Contract

    Do we have a match? If so, you will receive an offer from us. 

Questions about this vacancy?

Do you have any questions about this vacancy, or do you want to contact Calco? Feel free to contact us

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